Getting the Perfect Custom Built Home: Advantages of Using Reputable Builders

custom built homes

Custom built homes offer many advantages. For example, they’ve been shown to be approximately 17% more energy efficient than most other homes (thanks to modern building technology). If you choose to work with a reliable and reputable builder, you’ll have a custom built home that saves you money for many years to come.

Another advantage of using a reputable builder is layout and design. Reputable builders know how to plan the layout of your gorgeous new home properly and have a solid in-house building and design process. After you have an idea of what you want, you’ll go room-by-room with your builder and work on each part. This process is the natural and logical way to plan your home, but it doesn’t take into account some of the most critical parts of planning a custom built home. Let’s delve into some of these higher-level factors to make sure your custom built home will be perfect.


Location is one of the most important aspects of building custom built homes and will be a critical part of your home building process. When working with a new home builder, you want to ensure that you both find a suitable location. A reputable custom home builder can assist with this process. They often choose the more premium locations for their homes and developments. When reviewing your custom home’s potential location, take the time to see if you’ll enjoy the view and footprint of the property. Check to see if the neighborhood is one that you can live and thrive in. Custom built homes should be built in places that are welcoming and inviting. Your custom home builder may have lots available or recommendations of areas to look for if you haven’t found a lot before approaching your custom home builder.

Understand the Homeowner’s Association

Another tip for building custom built homes is deciding if you want to live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association. Oftentimes, a homeowner’s association can be a vital and helpful component of a neighborhood. However, many homeowners make the decision not to live where a homeowner’s association exists because they may want to have more freedom in their choices of design and property amenities. So, before you break ground on that new home with your custom home builders, check to see if there is a homeowner’s association and ask for information about all of the rules, regulations, and covenants the homeowners must follow.


Today’s custom built homes are some of the most innovative and beautiful homes ever built. However, they still have to have certain permitting and other paperwork requirements that need to be in order before the new home is built. Your custom home builder will generally manage this part of the process, saving you time and money.

Your new home builder should also know all required permits, modern floor plan concepts, and paperwork that is needed before your home is built. Therefore, be sure that you find the right build & design group and/or contractor for you and your new home. 

Think Long-Term

If you’re a homeowner thinking about custom built homes, you should make sure that you’re thinking well into the future. Are you making plans to expand your family? Will you eventually move a parent or a sibling into the home? Do you have a child who is away at college and could possibly return to live at home for a few months? The best home builder for your new home will take the time to listen to your future plans, goals, and the possibilities of your family unit changing in the years to come.

As the building process begins on your custom built home, you want to consider all of the possibilities of your life and how it may change as time goes by. While none of us knows what the future holds, a bit of planning now can make your life a lot easier later. Considering how life will change five or 10 years from now is a good idea before you build that perfect dream home.

Connect with your South Carolina Home Builder

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