The Custom Home Building Trends To Know In 2022

We understand that starting from scratch when designing your new custom home might be overwhelming for the custom home builder, but we have some excellent suggestions to get you started. When it comes to custom home projects in 2022, we have a few suggestions for you if you are seeking some fresh, new ideas.

Curves are In

For around 25% of custom-built homes, the typical size is 3,000 to 3,500 square feet. That leaves space to work with. Curves can be used for a variety of spaces, including walls, ceilings, entryways, outside archways, windows, and walkways, among others. Curves give us that feeling that more has gone into the design process than simply slapping a building together on a factory floor.

Kitchen Islands

These are the focal points of the modern home, and incorporating both utility and aesthetics into the design of your kitchen island is a good idea. Kitchen islands draw the attention in any home and your custom home builder needs to include one of these. Combine the island with a colorful kitchen and you will signal to your guests that you have arrived, so to speak.

Lights That are Smart

LEDs have become increasingly popular and have begun to supplant the incandescent bulb in the lighting industry. In addition, “smart” lighting control choices, which replace switches and dimmers with touchpads located on the wall, are becoming increasingly popular. Few things say class and well-designed than lighting done right.

Great lighting adds a perception of depth and height, creates cozy spots, and highlights your most outstanding home features. It’s all about finding the right combination of light and shade to infuse a room with new life.

Seamless Living Areas

From televisions, fireplaces, and living rooms to kitchens, pools, and spas, we have it all… Indoor-outdoor living spaces have evolved into an extension of the home in order to accommodate people’s changing lifestyles. Consider the use of smart appliances in this context as well.

Make sure you get the best custom home builder to create your stylish and fun home. Use curves, kitchen islands, and smart lighting in a seamless living space to impress. Contact Kristopher Homes now about your beautiful custom home.