How Building A New Home Helps Sustainability

new home

The custom-built home craze is still going strong, and it may have a surprising benefit that was not anticipated. Students recently have shown that newly built homes can be nearly 20% more energy-efficient compared to the same home built 40 years ago. This is due to a number of factors related to recent building codes and advancements made in construction in general. Your custom new home can help improve overall sustainability and lower your carbon footprint in a number of ways.

Better Materials Used from the Start

Right off the bat, new homes are better for sustainability because of all the new materials that we have access to. Sustainably sourced wood and low-pollution synthetic materials make it more sustainable to build a home. It is also easier to build a home that is beautiful while also being eco-friendly today.

Enhanced Appliances Installed

Inside the home, the improvements continue thanks to a plethora of energy-star appliances that can be used throughout the home. From the kitchen to the laundry room to the bedroom, energy waste can be reduced. This lets you use less energy and have less impact on the environment.

Improved Insulation and Weathering Options

Once the home is built and all is said and done, there are still ways to improve your homes’ energy use and reduce your carbon footprint. Proper weathering, sealing, waterproofing, and coating can help ensure you are having as little impact as possible on Mother Nature.

Better Understanding of Home Maintenance

The final benefit of building a new home yourself is you will have a better understanding of how to maintain and care for it. When a home is in good working order it is safe and efficient. Knowing how to care for your home will go a long way in keeping it sustainable.

Build Your New Home Today With Local Assistance

To bring your dream home to life and to make sustainable living a reality, contact Kristopher Homes. Let them walk you through the process of building your home from start to finish. They can guide you every step of the way and show you even more ways to be sustainable and environmentally conscious in your new home!