How Are Newly Built Homes More Energy Efficient Than in the Past?

newly built homes

Energy consumption in homes has been rising significantly since the beginning of the millennium. The main reason is the increase in the sizes of newly built homes.

However, newly built homes are also more energy-efficient. Statistics indicate that homes are 17% more efficient at waste reduction and energy consumption. There are a few factors responsible for this, so let’s review them.

Stricter Codes and Regulations

Local government regulations set standards for construction. Newly built homes must adhere to policies and requirements stipulated.

Essentially, modern designs are meant to reduce wastage and increase the effective use of energy. These regulations ensure that construction sites are overseen by qualified personnel and that designs meet the standards. Inspectors also visit these sites from time to time to ensure standard materials and designs are applied.

Building Materials

Using the right building materials to have a truly energy-efficient home is important. Modern construction differs from older homes by using insulating materials and sustainable building products. When blended with modular construction, these methods ensure proper energy regulation while getting unique and modern designs. Here are a few examples.

  • Plastic Composite Lumber: A unique mixture of plastic and wood fiber. They aren’t as toxic as treated wood and aren’t susceptible to the dangers and threats that affect typical wood.
  • Low-E Windows: These are a great substitute for glass windows. They can reduce heat in the home during the summer, and in the winter, they can help keep the heat in.
  • Recycled Steel: Recycling is a great way to conserve the environment. Due to the strength and durability of steel, they make good beams and are better at resisting earthquakes.

Modular Construction

Modular construction is a unique form of construction because the building is constructed off-site. In other words, the modules that form the home’s structure are manufactured in a factory. While the modules are manufactured, the laying of the foundation of the building can be ongoing.

When the modules are ready, they are fastened together on site. One advantage of building homes using modules is that clients can get customized designs. Ultimately, this method reduces construction time, increases efficiency, and curbs the wastage of valuable resources.

One of the differences between modern, newly built homes and older ones is their effectiveness in energy use. New regulations, together with modern technology, have greatly improved efficiency. To learn more about how your new home can be built with energy efficiency in mind, contact Kristopher Homes today.